About us
In modern economic life, supply chains are complex, need special care and require very professional tools to control and monitor.
Ayogene seedS, believe that the quality and performance of the varieties grown, are fundamental to the whole vegetables and fresh
products supply chain,
As such, we thrive to provide the most advanced and up to date products, combining innovative ideas, technologies and quality
To achieve these goals, we constantly introduce new varieties and products, thus keeping us in the forefront of the most demanding
Ayogene seedS  is situated in the EU. Quality, performance and reliability are the basis to all our activities.
Our Vision
1.   Our distributors are an integral part of our system. We thrive to establish long term business relationships with them. The success of
the end users growers is our success and we deeply value their demands and needs.
2.   We conduct our business based on good practices, deep mutual trust, honesty.
3.   To be in the forefront of seeds varieties and products quality and performance.
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