We incorporate our vast agronomic experience and expertise gained in many countries, world wide, into the projects we design,
erect and maintain.
Our team of experts, agronomists, engineers and technicians, in various disciplines as required by the specific project, will be
involved in all of the project stages: defining project goals and needs as per owner and market requirements, designing,
construction, assembling and erecting of the project components into the complete operational unit.
After completion, we can also provide experts to assist the project owner in running the project from the professional aspects.

Our values

We believe that technology should assist the project in terms of efficiency, yields, monitoring and control. Technology should be
applied as per the local staff and manpower ability to absorb, run and maintain this technology. We believe that the systems
should be simple enough, yet effective and durable to benefit from. For each project, we apply specific technology suiting it's
Only top quality products are being installed in our projects, thus providing excellent and superior performance, reliability,
endurance and long lasting projects. This results in very attractive cost effective projects.
We also supply parts of complete projects, to complete or add our products to an existing or upgraded project.

Our projects
Our projects include: indoor cultivation: multi span greenhouses, walking tunnels, net cover structures, outdoor cultivation

Drip irrigation, sprinklers, soil, soil less culture, heating, cooling, hydroponic, ventilation, shadow nets, irrigation and climatic

Vegetable, ornamental, herbs, orchards, etc.    
Who we are
Top vented structure for humid regions
Operational structure connecting all
tunnels enabling working under rainy
Hydroponic system on white mulch
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