Advantages of Determinate Varieties grown in Protected Culture:
1. There is no pruning. The plants are grown with the same staking systems as used outdoors.
2. The plants are shorter but have much shorter inter nodes
3. There are substantially more clusters and they ripen simultaneously providing more volume faster.
4. As long as the determinate plants are picked they will continue to set new clusters all over the plant.
5. Picking costs are reduced due to increased yield.
6. Spraying foliar nutrients is much easier and efficient with shorter plants less waste.

The real issues are total yield, fruit quality, and disease resistance. Our determinate red grape cherries can yield approximately 3
kilos of fruit per meter every other day. It is essentially the same level of production from plants spaced at 33 cm and at 40 cm. The
fruit at 40 cm is larger, but there is more fruit per plant at 33 cm.
Determinate Cherry Tomato grown indoor / outdoor on trellises
Updated: May 2010
Determinate cherry Tomato indoor
Determinate cherry Tomato outdoor
Determinate cherry Tomato outdoor
Determinate cherry Tomato indoor
New lines of Beit Alpha Cucumbers for outdoor open field growing has been introduced to our products portfolio. The new lines
bear many disease and virus resistances and tolerances, high yields, very strong plants that keep well during the season, with
good canopy regeneration.
Updated: June 2014
New lines of Beit Alpha Cucumbers for outdoor
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Updated: June 2014
Updated: December 2016
Updated: June 2014
New Parthenocarpic Beit Alpha cucumber varieties with small leaves
Plants compete on solar radiation and they interfere with each other as well as along the plants itself. The plants
shadow each other, as well as top leaves shade the lower ones.
The density of plants grown indoor, depend a lot on plants structure and size.
Standard Parthenocarpic
Cucumber Beit Alpha varieties, regardless of season, are
usually grown indoor at a distance of 40 cm between
plants in the rows, 2 rows per bed
at a distance of 80 cm between the rows.
New varieties, bearing very small leaves are now introduced
. Those types of plants, shade less between them and
along the plants, thus allowing
double plants stand of 20 cm between them. Even if each plant will produce little
lower yields, the increase in population will enable higher yields per m2.
There are varieties for all seasons, 16-20 cm fruits long, with various resistances
New indeterminate tomato varieties with resistance to the Tobamovirus TbrfV
A new Tobamovirus TbrfV was found recently in tomatoes varieties grown in various countries and regions in the  
middle east, including Jordan. This virus spreads mechanically very easy and very quickly and affects new
This virus affects the plants yields greatly. Plants are grown for shorter time producing much lower marketable
We introduce new indeterminate varieties of various fruit sizes and with many other resistance, to be tried in
affected regions, as well as in other regions.